Attending; Bernie Gill (BG), Cindy Gill (CG), Paul Lane (PL), Louise Perry England Squash (LP), Andy Parton (AP),Bob Houldsworth (BH), Andrew Coup, (AC), Neil Rodda (NR), John Gibson (JG), Josh Taylor (JT), David Whittles (DW),Peter Withington (PW), John Landy, Ron Darlington, Chris Fell (CF), Mike Farrington (MF), Warren Cadman (WC).

1. BG began by welcoming everyone to the AGM and said there had been a request that there should be no bad language used and that he would chair the meeting in Rob Allen’s absence.

2. Apologies for absence were given from, Rob Allen, Steve Kaye, Alan Edge, Graham Horrex, John Valentine, Barry King, Julian Wilson, Graham Green, Rob Carson, Alan Percival.

3. BG asked for approval of the minutes of the 2016 AGM which was approved by PW and seconded by BH 4. There were no matters arising.

5. Louise Perry, ES Director of Finance & Corporate Services was asked to address the meeting. She began by saying that funding of 7.9 million over 4 years from Sport England, for talent, elite & performance, was subject to revised ES articles being approved at the Council meeting & ES AGM on 11th Nov. If approval was not voted through, then there would be no funding at all which would then affect National and Regional Forums.

She then went on to explain the benefit of ES membership and the value of the Insurance that came with it.

BH asked if the 33% rise in ES membership was good value.

LP said that to buy insurance as an individual it would cost more so she thought it was of value.

JT said a new scheme of membership via a new website was being investigated by NWCSL.

6. A statement from Rob Allen was read by BG as follows;

“With regret, due to a couple of family health issues and other commitments I am relinquishing my position as Chairman of LSRA, with immediate effect. I suggest that Bernie Gill or Paul Lane take over in the interim until the AGM and Lancashire elect a new Chairman. I hope the incumbent can heal the standoff between the main LSRA and the renegade Junior section which I unfortunately failed to do. I wish LSRA all the best for the future”.

7.The Treasurer PL gave a report on the accounts.

PW questioned an amount spent on Junior development saying that the Juniors had received no funding from LSRA at all.

NR said it was Junior development at Prestwich SC and was match funded, pound for pound, accounted for with all receipts and invoices.

CG read out sections 6.1.3 and 12.1 from the LSRA Constitution and pointed out that the Junior section did not comply and therefore were not constitutional. CG gave a back history to the previous two LSRA Junior Committees and the misuse of County funds and so the Juniors were absorbed back in to the main county committee. After that the juniors were receiving approximately 25% of the county income.

PW was advised not to break away and set up a separate Junior account but did so anyway and now received no funding as a result.

BG said he stepped down as Chairman last year in the hopes that Rob Allen would be able to resolve the issues.

PW said the Juniors had been unable to get a response from RA. AP pointed out that as BG, and RA also had issues with the Junior section that the problem lay with PW and not the main Committee. The discussion became very animated at this point. BH also commented to this effect as did MF .JT Said that mediation between the two sections would be advantageous and offered to help.

8. The meeting was asked to adopt the accounts which was approved by JT and seconded by MF

9. Team reports were given by BH and NR for the current Over 65’s & Over 60’s respectively. BG reported that the Men’s first team had come third in the Premier Division against all expectations. The Over 35’s played both stages but were relegated. The Over 45’s gained promotion, the Over 50’s came 2nd. & the Over 60’s won the first stage but lost in the second. The Over 65’s first team reached the Final but came 4th. The second team lost all their matches.

The Women’s teams only managed to play the first stages & withdrew through injuries.

PW asked to give a Junior report. They had had a very good Regional event with 70 entries in the Junior County Closed, also that they won 90% of the age groups in which they entered kids, sometimes 1st 2nd and 3rd. They now had two juniors selected for England, Oscar Beech and Finlay Withington . A complaint was made again regarding funding. JG asked for support for PW.

AP made the point again regarding the Junior Section being unconstitutional.

10. As there was only one nomination for LSRA Chair which was BG he was unopposed and therefore elected. No other changes to positions as a result.

11. The date for the Senior County Closed date was confirmed as 20-21 Jan 2018 venue TBA.

There is only one weekend allocated by ES on the calendar this year due to combining several calendars.

AP said that Rochdale Sports Club had now been refurbished due to a Viridor grant of £98,000 and offered to assist any club with grant application information. Township Communities Fund currently was a good place to apply.

12. CG said there had been a call for more volunteers to be engaged in helping to run the County, and that squash ladders had been set up for the various age groups on Squash, to try to get more players involved. They were not necessarily aimed just at County level players but for any player who wanted to take part. They could be set up for ladies and juniors as well.

Out of interest CG asked each person attending how many ladies played at their relevant club. In general, the response was two or three mostly social players, apart from Leyland and City of Man where there are several more. JG suggested that a central point of City of Manchester might be used for some matches. AC said that as the ladies were only social players, that would not work in his experience. A point was made that Lancashire was a large county and that to use the centre of Manchester did not suit many players living as far north as Preston. The general feeling in the room was that this applied to all events.

If anyone wanted to be included or new ladders set up, to contact CG with DOB, email & phone no.

13. A referee’s course was being held at Village Bury on 18th Nov.

BH asked about L1 courses and commented that they are oversubscribed & too expensive. A discussion ensued on the costs & JT said more courses might be arranged at clubs if required. He would consult with Kevin Stewart & get back to us.

Anyone interested in either referees or L1 courses contact LSRA via CG and efforts to arrange will be made.

14. Any other business.

CG asked about DBS/CRB situation re juniors. A general discussion took place with AC saying that as a rugby referee and AP as a lacrosse coach, and JT from ES point of view, that the requirements were different in each case. CG said that perhaps for squash purposes it seemed that ES policy that should apply and asked JT to clarify the current position & whether parents were required to have insurance when transporting children other than their own.

PW said that the Junior AGM was on 6th Dec at Sport City at 7:30pm and all were invited.

BG asked if Manchester City were at home and it was confirmed that they are not.