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Code of conduct

England Squash Code of Conduct Version 1.0 March 2019

  1. Code of Conduct: Coaches
    5.1. This section of the Code applies to all coaches or any other individual with a delivery,
    performance or education role within squash in England. 5.2. All such individuals involved in
    squash will, at all times:
    5.2.1. ensure that players under their supervision meet the standards of respect for
    individuals involved with squash in England as required by the generic element of this Code
    5.2.2. ensure a sensible balance between performance and the emotional, physical, social
    and developmental needs of the players;
    5.2.3. have the players’ best interests at heart at all times;
    5.2.4. report any concerns in relation to a child or a vulnerable adult following the reporting
    procedures of England Squash in the Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and
    Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable Adults Policy.
    5.2.5. obtain, and maintain, all appropriate qualifications relating to coaching and
    safeguarding including an up to date Disclosure and Barring Service approval;
    5.2.6. obtain, and maintain, a valid First Aid / Emergency Aid Certificate or ensure that
    appropriate first aid is available at all times;
    5.2.7. where appropriate, ensure that they are suitably insured for their activities including
    third party insurance or employer’s liability insurance;
    5.2.8. ensure that activities carried out by players are appropriately supervised on and off
    the courts and are suitable for their age, strength, maturity and the ability of each individual
    5.2.9. refrain from the public criticism of another coach and do not under any
    circumstances solicit business away from another coach or club;
    5.2.10. ensure that any advertising is accurate and obtain appropriate permission to
    advertise from the relevant clubs and other coaches working at that club;
    5.2.11. ensure that the relevant permissions and consent forms are in place for any
    participant to partake in their activity, adhering to GDPR legislation and guidance on the
    holding of data;
    5.2.12. ensure the wellbeing and safety of each player above all other considerations,
    including the development of performance;
    5.2.13. ensure that all equipment and facilities meet all appropriate safety standards and
    have an understanding of all relevant operating procedures and relevant risk assessment
    criteria regarding the particular facility being used;
    5.2.14. ensure that any child or vulnerable adult operating in a coaching capacity is doing so
    under the supervision of a suitably qualified and insured adult coach;
    5.2.15. communicate and co-operate with medical practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment
    and management of any player’s physical and / or mental health issues;
    5.2.16. ensure that all players are aware of their responsibilities under this Code and never
    condone behaviour that contravenes this Code;
    5.2.17. Realise their responsibilities as role models and set positive examples for others,
    particularly children, parents and spectators;
    5.2.18. never cause any individual to lose self-esteem by embarrassing, humiliating or
    undermining them;
    5.2.19. ensure that when in a position of authority this privilege will not be used to exert
    influence over other individuals to gain personal benefit for themselves or any other
    connected party;
    5.2.20. set and uphold the boundaries between a professional working relationship and
    friendship between themselves and players when in a position of trust especially where the
    player is a child or a vulnerable adult;
    5.2.21. never engage in any form of inappropriate personal or sexual relationship with a
    5.2.22. only engage in one on one coaching sessions with a child with parental consent and
    where the space is visible to other persons/parents/working CCTV present (whether a
    school hall, court/ changing room). Coaches will also adhere to transportation guidance
    when sharing lifts with participants.

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