Lancashire Squash Coaches Association (LANSCA)

Formed in 2000 by a number of Lancashire based coaches to promote better communication between coaches at all levels of the game of squash.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish a cohesive county-wide policy for coach education and development
  2. To facilitate access to funding
  3. To establish a support network for coaches in Lancashire
  4. To liaise with the Lancashire Junior committee in developing juniors
  5. To ensure that all present & future members receive fair and equal treatment.
  6. To organise coach education courses and workshops.



Mike Farrington (Chairman), Peter Withington (Secretary), Bernie Gill (Treasurer), Dave Scurlock (Head Coach), Julian Wilson, Frank Cygler, Steve Withington, Gary Caldiera, Mike Hutson,  Jeannine Cowie, John Gibson and Thomas Fairhurst.


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