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Lancashire Constitution

1. NAME.
The Association shall be called The Lancashire Squash & Racketball Association.

2.1 To represent ESR and act on its behalf and under its authority within the
geographical boundaries as defined and agreed by ESR
2.2 To promote and encourage the games of squash and racketball and to further the
growth and development at all levels in the County.
2.3 To maintain and uphold the rules and objectives of the National Governing Body.
2.4 To provide local administration and liaison with County membership on behalf of
the National Governing Body when required.
2.5 To train, select and manage County teams for Inter County competitions, arrange
individual County Championships and other competitions as it shall from time to
time deem necessary for fulfilment of its objectives.

3.1 Clubs and senior individuals who are affiliated to ESR

4.1 Members shall pay to ESR subscriptions determined by the Board of ESR from time
to time and published as a Byelaw of ESR
4.2 Winter League fees set by the County Association or other body authorised by the
County to set such fees shall be paid by 30th September or earlier if appropriately
prescribed by the County Association.
4.3 If league fees remain unpaid three months after the due date, the member shall
immediately forfeit all rights within the County until fees are paid.

5.1 The Management Committee shall consist of members elected annually to the
following positions: Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer: Junior Development: Inter
County Captains Men: lnter-County Captains Women: Refereeing/Marking: Leagues
Representative: Competitions.
Plus, three other General Committee members who may cover other tasks (eg.
Disciplinary, Press, Coaching etc.)
5.2 At least two Members of the Management Committee shall be women if the
remainder are men and vice versa.
5.3 Additional (non-voting) members may be co-opted as deemed necessary.
5.4 A quorum for Management meetings shall be five members but must include at
least one from the Chair: Secretary: Treasurer.

6.1 The powers vested in the Management Committee relate generally to the
requirements that are necessary to enable fulfilment of objectives for the
Association. The Management Committee has the power to:
6.1.1 determine policies in harmony with those of the Governing Body,
6.1.2 create such sub-committees as deemed necessary, eg. Coaching, Disciplinary,
Juniors, League, Selection.
6.1.3 ensure that day to day running of the Association is competent and that the
actions/decisions of sub-committees are ratified.
6.1.4 determine the level of League fees.
6.1.5 act in all matters and employ County funds in the best interests of the County
6.1.6 appoint an ESR Council delegate
6.1.7 decide on matters referred to it by ESR and seek guidance from ESR if necessary, for
legal matters.
6.1.8 decide on awards for distinction/merit for County team players and to invoke
disciplinary procedures within the County as required
6.1.9 nominate authorised cheque signatories: two signatures will be required when
funds are drawn from the County’s accounts

7.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held within twelve months
of the previous AGM each year.
7.2 Not less than 21 days written notice shall be given to Members stating the business
to be transacted and providing a copy of the previous year’s AGM minutes and
Audited Balance Sheet.
7.3 Copies of the current Annual Report, current Audited Accounts should be handed to
members at the meeting if not previously available.
Mandatory items for the agenda are:
Approval of minutes/ matters arising
Annual Report (including Leagues)
Adoption of Accounts
Appointment of Auditors
Election of Officers
League business
Other business (subject to appropriate notice)
7.4 Any other business items should reach the secretary in writing at least seven days
before the meeting.
7.5 Each member club shall have one vote & each ESR. senior member shall be entitled
to one vote.
7.6 All nominations for election to the Management Committee shall be proposed and
seconded by members able to vote at an AGM and shall be made in writing to the
Secretary at least seven days before the meeting.
7.7 Not less than four clubs entitled to vote at an AGM are required to be present and
three members of the management committee order to constitute a quorum.

8.1 An EGM may be called by the Management Committee at any time stating the
business and giving at least 2l days’ notice to the membership
8.2 Alternatively an EGM can also be called by four clubs entitled to vote or 20
individual members entitled to vote at an AGM. A letter signed by these qualifying
groups must be lodged with the Secretary of the Association and the EGM must be
held within 2ldays of the receipt of such letter.
8.3 A representative from each Club or member calling the EGM must attend
8.4 Voting entitlement and quorum requirements shall be the same as for an AGM

9.1 Voting may be by a show of hands or pre-distributed voting cards
9.2 Where an individual is voting in more than one capacity then his or her separate
voting entitlement must be clearly identified

Alterations to this Constitution require 75% majority of those present and entitled to
vote at any AGM and can only be changed at an AGM

In the event that dissolution of the Association is necessary, then the assets of the
Association should be converted into cash in order to discharge any liabilities. Any
balance remaining must be transferred to the ESR as the National Governing Body
with a closing Balance Sheet and Report

12.1 No affiliated Club or Organisation may organise any open tournament,
championship or be involved or organise any squash/racketball team or event which
may otherwise give the impression that such competition, team or event is
organised by or represents the Association without prior approval.
12.2 Reference to ESR is deemed to be England Squash & Racketball or whichever
operating company is designated as the National Governing Body.

©2022 Lancashire Squash and Racketball